• Zero Investment,
    100% Profit.

    Helping Our Clients and Their Business.

    More Than Just An ATM!

    Passive Income

    We split the ATM usage fee with you so that you can start earning a tidy profit on your most underused floor space.

    Reach New Customers

    Having an ATM brings consumers into your business specifically to use our machine, granting you the opportunity ti convert that foot traffic into increase sales and profits. 

    Hassle Free

    With no operating costs and no maintenance responsibilities, all you have to is sit back and watch your revenue grow. 

    We Have Your Back

    Secure your sales and back up your business! Having a Millenial ATM is an independent source of cash for your customers in case your business internet temporarily stops working, or your credit card processing system crashes. 

    Keep Your Customers

    Our ATM service keeps your customers from looking for another ATM service elsewhere. It keeps people, with the money, inside your business!


    Industry leading terms and conditions, including complimentary receipt couponing, ATM wraps, and business insurance. 

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